Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

I'm finally home to stay after 11 weeks away and despite the fact that I have over 11000 songs on my computer I feel the need for new music so I thought we could play a game. I'll tell you what I'm listening to and you share what you are listening to and maybe we'll both benefit. Just play the game!

Vashti Bunyan - British folk singer that brings out a new album every 35 years, next album is due out in 2040. Until then you can enjoy two albums, the lyrics may be a little sickly sweet but it doesn't seem to matter when her voice is so hauntingly beautiful.

The Good, The Bad, And The Queen - Damon Albarn of Blur & the Gorillaz must be the hardest working man in the industry.

Jo Mango - Seen her live in Glasgow once, aching to go back see her again if only to listen to My Lung.

The Hedrons - Also from Glasgow, all female rock band.

Cansei De Ser Sexy - Gotta love a band with a name that translates to English as Tired Of Being Sexy. Anyway its a Brazilian electro pop band and its rumoured that they are going to move from Sao Paulo to Glasgow to enable them to crack the European market. Now I love Glasgow and Glasgow does have a good music scene but if I were Brazilian I think I would prefer to spend my days on warm Brazilian beaches, but what do I know....

The Fratellis - I'm sure I've mentioned them before, but i'm still listening so I'm not apologising for mentioning them again.

Shitdisco - Weird name but it works.

Uffie - Looks a little bit like Kate Moss, sounds a little like Peaches if she did electro bubblegum pop.

Beirut - Strange song titles that could sound a little pretentious if the music didn't work so well.

Willy Mason - Can't help playing Oxygen and All You Can Do over and over again. He's like a modern day Bob Dylan with a better singing voice.

Jack Penate - Looks like he belongs to the 50s era but has a more modern sound.

New Young Pony Club - Thanks to the Intel advert I keep playing this band.

Anyway it's late, I've played the game now its your turn.

I was going to add more like The Hazey Janes, The Cinematics, The Draymin, Mr Hudson & The Library, & The Maccabees but that would have made it an odd number of bands so I got lazy and didn't.


Just a Girl said...

Sigur Ros.
Lots and lots of Sigur Ros...

Scotsman said...

I was tempted to use two little words on that comment, but I didn't....

Just a Girl said...

So ace?
Amazing band?
Favorite forever?
Beyond unbelievable?

Oh I could go on and on sometimes.
Me thinks you more in the vein of bugger off.

Scotsman said...

So ace? people still say that?
You were close, very close.

Just a Girl said...

I read ace somewhere recently and it amused me.

The two finger salute right?!?

Scotsman said...

Very 80s.

Maybe just the one. But done so with a smile.

Just a Girl said...

As long as it's done with a smile.

Scotsman said...

Always :)

Just a Girl said...

I've been listening to a number of things off the beginning of your A-Z of music (please finish...I need to spend more!) like The Fratellis, Bell X1 and Paolo Nutini.

As well I've been atuning my ear to Band of Horses, Seafood, Mew, Siversun Pickups, Gdansk, Sky Larkin, Bird and the Bees, Idlewild, Sea and Cake, LCD Soundsystem Under Byen etc etc etc.

Scotsman said...

I'll think about it but it might be a while coming I have got a lot of catching up work to do.