Sunday, 11 February 2007

Romance and Passion and all that

Valentines Day is fast approaching but I won't be here to write a post on the day so instead I'm going to leave you with a task. I've never been that fond of the day, perhaps because I always seem to be single on that day but its more likely down to the fact that I think there is enough room for romance in every day and not just one dictated to us by hallmark. So anyway your task is to highlight a poem, a book, a song, a film or anything really that speaks to you of romance or passion more than chocolates, flowers or a Valentines day card ever could. You can either choose to do so here or in your own blog.

Strawberries by Edwin Morgan

There were never strawberries
like the ones we had
that sultry afternoon
sitting on the step
of the open french window
facing each other
your knees held in mine
the blue plates in our laps
the strawberries glistening
in the hot sunlight
we dipped them in sugar
looking at each other
not hurrying the feast
for one to come
the empty plates
laid on the stone together
with the two forks crossed
and I bent towards you
sweet in that air

in my arms
abandoned like a child
from your eager mouth
the taste of strawberries
in my memory
lean back again
let me love you

let the sun beat
on our forgetfulness
one hour of all
the heat intense
and summer lightning
on the Kilpatrick hills

let the storm wash the plates


Just a Girl said...

I'm rather partial to Lord Byron's 'She Walks in Beauty'.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Here in Brazil the Valentine's Day is on June, 12th.

I'll rewrite a verse that I wrote some days ago in my blog, for some romantic reason I don't remember now, since I don't have a boyfriend... here you go.

Who has invented the love?
Please explain to me
Who has invented the love?
Please explain to me
While life comes and goes
You look for someone
That one day will tell you
I just want to stay with you
Who has invented the love?