Saturday, 10 March 2012

When winter finally draws to an end its usually a sign for us as a couple to think of where we might go to at the beginning of summer. Moab is a popular choice for us as we it was where we had our first holiday together and it helps that it's only a few hours away. However we realised last year that going away for our wedding anniversary meant two things, its damn hot at the end of May, and very crowded, with it also being Labor Day weekend so maybe this year we will have to go somewhere and leave Moab for later in the autumn.

It might be a chance this year to go further north and discover another part of the US, perhaps Wyoming or Montana where we won't see too much of this of thing. But now that these two foreigners are here it would be nice someday to discover for ourselves what treats all the 50 States have to offer.

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Siobhan said...

I would love to make some suggestions but am utterly clueless. I hope you find somewhere fabulous though.