Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Stubborn Person Deserves A Stubborn Dog

We've had the dog about 8 months, and yet we've only just got to the stage where we can trust her to go on walks with us without the leash (assuming there is no cars, cyclists or skateboarders around).

With tricks she can be pretty good (as long as there is something in it for her - usually bacon treats). We can get her to sit (which also generally works as an emergency controlling command when a car is coming when she is off her leash), lie down, roll over, take, beg and give me five (although with the use of two paws it more like ten).

We cannot get her to stop her attacking our socks. Although I suspect somechileanwoman might have trained her to attack socks deliberately. It's somewhat of a convenience that they both happen to hate socks.

Lately I've been trying to teach the dog fetch. I'm failing miserably. One thing I'm learning from this dog is that she does not do anything she does not want to do. Sure she will fetch the ball belonging to another dog. But not because she wants to play fetch. She doesn't even want the ball.The little slut just wants to be chased by said dog. I say slut, but really she's just a tease. Any time any boy dogs show any interest in her lady bits she soon shows them thats not part of the deal. Good girl.

Anyway I thought maybe I could teach the purpose of fetch away from all other distractions.

Not a chance. She will run at the thrown object, and then decide its beneath her to bring it back and go on a sniff fest instead.

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