Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back From Moab, Almost Ready To Return

We took a few days off at the weekend to enjoy our two year anniversary. As great as it was to return to an area that means so much to us sentimentally I have to say I needed to get away just to recharge the batteries. The long hours at work and no time off was beginning to take its toll.

We have been back less than a week and I feel the need to run off somewhere again. It's partly the fickle Utah weather this year and partly my only daft fault. In my eagerness to give the wife a garden she could be proud off I made plans to turn one weed infested side area into a vegetable garden and turn a vole damaged lawn into a fruit tree, tomato plant, hydrangea, sun and shade perennial, B-B-Q hosting heaven, only our freaky Spring weather has got in the way of those plans. Its starting to feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew. Working 6 days a week on other peoples gardens doesn't leave a lot of time for our own.When I get home each night I pretty much have 2 hours to work before it gets dark which means there just isn't enough hours in do everything., especially if those rain clouds don't stay away. Thanks to all that rain and snow we have been getting lately the vegetable garden that should be just about planted up is actually only one fifth weeded and sown. I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed so much to do so little time. A few more weeks of this and I will be saying to the wife its time to run off to Moab again.

 Same site slightly different angle
So many arches in one place I forgot the name of this one. It will likely come to me after I finish publishing.

 Old style, Native American graffiti
 Presumedly, New American, commissioned graffiti mural

 A whole lot of red sandstone in the Arches National Park, plenty to remake the Glasgow tenements here in Utah but not a huge amount of water so its always nice to see when you are gasping on a hot hike.
 Delicate Arch
The growing masses waiting for Sunset at Delicate Arch. 

We gave up. The same wind that was to give us a restless night in our tent later on, made it not worth the wait, especially as their was no sign of that orange hue appearing that we had hoped for.


Rory Grant said...

I enjoyed that! And don't worry about talking pish - I'm famous for it.

Just out of interest - that pic you took of old indigenous folk art - there's an uncanny similarity in the style, spacing etc of the 'spirals' in them to Pictish ones. You remember them on rocks in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery?

Maybe America was colonised by very early Catholic Rangers and Protestant Celtic fans long before the best team in the world took up residence in Maryhill?

Sorry - I'm havering noo - just popped in to say I like your blog!

Scotsman said...

Maybe its just what the ofspring did the world over when the parents went off to hunt, they don't seem that different from what I see in the kids bedroom.

Thanks for commenting.

Photographick said...

In the last image, there area whole LOT of photographers, that is crazy! And I thought there were a lot of people doing my job at weddings!

Scotsman said...

Photographick: When it became apparent the Sunset wasn't going to have the effect that we were hoping for it was then I realised just how many people there were around waiting around for same thing. Its my second time at Arches National Park, and I can assure you the first time around in late October 2008 there was no such lingering crowds. Many people then hiked up to Delicate Arch but only one family hung around for any length of time, but it was problem that family that made the rest return early.

Kyle said...

So beautiful, I'd love to visit that area one day, but sadly, we've never been.

And you know what they say, "The shoe-makers son had no shoes."

Seba and I hardly ever have pictures of ourselves either. I'm not surprised you're having difficulty making your wife a garden!