Wednesday, 24 November 2010

For The Love Of....

Its funny how life turns out, had I not met the wife I probably wouldn't be sitting here today listening to Julieta Venegas. I always had a wide ranging taste in music long before I met her but despite having music from as far a field as Sierra Leone and Japan I had not been introduced to the music of the Mexican songstress until somechileanwoman showed me what I was missing out on. Now Julieta is one of my favourite artists, despite my piss poor knowledge of Spanish.

I, of course, introduced the wife to a new world in return. She loves movies so I made sure we got a copy of Dear Frankie, quite possibly my favourite Scottish film, and despite her 90's R&B upbringing she likes indie music so I slowly introduced her to all sorts of music that I thought she wouldn't have heard of but would enjoy including Aberfeldy's Love Is An Arrow.

Its in the world of books though that she has taken to more than anything. She probably reads more Scottish books than I do now. When I gave her a copy of Buddha Da I expected she might struggle with the Glaswegian dialect, apparently I got it wrong. She is now onto her 3rd and final Anne Donovan book all written in the very same dialect and she accusingly asks 'why don't you speak like that'.

For the love of God, if I spoke like that I'd have to repeat everything I said 4 times, instead of 3.


just a girl said...

I love Dear Frankie! I try to make all my friends watch it :)

Some Chilean Woman said...

What? Say that again please.