Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Living Is A Problem ...... Because They Are Already Playing Christmas Songs On The Radio

There is a still a major holiday to go here (Thanksgiving) and they are already jumping the gun.

Bah! Humbug!

Its not the only thing that's messed up.

Lately the weather in these here parts has been getting its freak on. Last week I'd wake up to a cold early November morning only to find that by 3 in the afternoon it would be getting close to a balmy 22 degrees Celcius. Back in the home country I'd be lucky to see that in the middle of August.

Its been quite frankly a weird fall. Even though the leaves fell from the trees a couple of weeks back in the canyon where we live, in the city, a few minutes up the road, they have been hanging on like there has been no hurry to hibernate. Its been nice to see those autumnal colours stretch on but at the same time its been a pain in the derriere to cut those old fruit trees back when the leaves are still on the branches. I had been contemplating putting that kind of work off for a couple of weeks but living in Utah I wasn't sure that was wise, sure enough yesterday, just two days after the mercury hit 22, it snowed. It could have waited until we went to Vegas in a week a half's time!

Ah well I suppose its given me the time to finally figure out how Jango works. No Christmas music until December 20th, thank you!


LarryLilly said...

He scotty lad, its freaking U S of A here, we dont do that metric crap, like kilograms (unless your in the drug trade) or celsius.

We have no F'ng clue that 22 C is warm, so keep it F, and inches and feet.

Dam furenors! LOL

Some Chilean Woman said...

Funny enough Larry, we changed the battery in the car and the temperature thingy is now in the metric system! I am very disappointed while Scotsman is very happy.

Scotsman said...

Being Northern European I don't do Fahrenheit, I just know Utah is either hot, damn hot, or freakin' cold.

Madame DeFarge said...

My parents are on the Clyde coast and they've just had snow. They are most upset.