Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Story Of The 3 Chefs & Our TV

I was a little slow on the uptake on this but I've only just realised that our weekly tv viewing habit seems to have been slowly taken over by chefs with accents. If I were a more insecure man I might think my wife was trying to tell me something.

It's no secret that I love my food but I cannot cook. And its no secret my wife loves her food and loves an accent too.

I'm starting to think she feels hard done to by the fact that the country that gave the world Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares also gave her a husband that can't cook. Slowly but surely she's sneaked into our viewing habits chef's with accents into our dvr viewing schedules and I didn't even know there was a search button for that. I just thought we both liked Kitchen Nightmares for the same reason, mine was of course watching poorly run restaurants being transformed into profit making enterprises. 

I should have known something was amiss when we just had to watch the new series of Celebrity Apprentice because the Australian chef Curtis Stone was on it. I mean there's not even any cooking on that program, but I thought maybe she just wanted to see him doing some charity work. It didn't cross my mind that she was just waiting for him to say something or watch him being photographed again, and again, and again.

I didn't even think anything was amiss when we had to add Jamie Oliver's new program to our list of shows. That was until I saw the disappointment on her face when she saw him crying at his perceived rejection by America to his idealistic ways. I had to laugh then, because those of us brought up in the UK know he's a wuss. I have to say though I admire his gumption and his ideals though he seems to have learned nothing from the time when he tried to do the same thing for school lunches in Britain. And judging by one experiment he tried he might have an even harder time of it going by when he made some chicken nuggets from skin and bones. He had all the kids going "ewww thats disgusting" and yet when he was done every one of the kids wanted to have one. Jamie was left scratching his head wondering if his ego had bitten off more than he could chew.

And another thing, all the chefs are blond, what the hell is wrong with that picture? She gives me crap for Michelle Pfeiffer for heavens sake.

2 Blogs in one day, I think I might need some chicken soup. What do you think?


Jimmy Bastard said...

Ahhh Gordon Ramsey. The celeb who claimed to be Scottish in all but the fact that he only visited here once for around half an hour back in 1973.

In fact the same Gordon Ramsey who had to reshoot a spontaneous moment of abuse in an English after a real Scotsman called him a "plastic prick"....

Gillian said...

I think Jamie's heads getting too big. The fame has made him soft. He's become a married Poofter!

Some Chilean Woman said...

You have the accent, but you can't cook...still you are 85% closer to being like those chefs. I on the other hand am not even 1% close to being like Michelle Pfeiffer so don't even go there.