Monday, 25 January 2010

To A Haggis - Or Not!

Today is Burn's Night in Scotland, and last year I had planned on celebrating today with the wife at the Utah Scottish Association annual Burn's Supper. But then I made the mistake of eating what passes for haggis in these parts at the local Scottish Highland Games which was held back in August last year. That 'haggis' was the most vile over priced sausage with gravy I have ever had the pleasure of eating and was enough to make me rethink my plans. It just wasn't haggis. Not even close.

So instead of introducing my wife to the Burns Supper I am instead making Chilli.

I had actually meant to try and sneak some authentic haggis (it's actually banned here) into the country so that we could have our own celebration but the day snuck up on me and I forgot all about it - not very patriotic of me. I will of course try and remember and do so next year. If I can find a way to get it delivered and get it past the sniffer dogs that is.


5thsister said...

You know, I would actually try a bit of traditional haggis. I may not like it but I am adventurous that way. I should be on food network as one of those personalities who travel around eating strange and disgusting things, except I don't think I could eat a bug.

LarryLilly said...


I just read your wifes post. Be REAL careful what you say, she is really in a pissed off mood!

Haggis is a definite out, not nearly enough spice for what she is feeling now.

Try some grilled habaneros with tomatillo sauce and chile stuffed eggplant.

LarryLilly said...

The Alton Brown show on the Food network where he did a mini-recreation of making haggis was a hoot.

Hop can they not allow haggis to be made when down south people make chitlins?

I mean, stomach is a whole lot better than colons.

Madame DeFarge said...

I thought they were going to make it legal in the US now? I'll post you some for next year. No man should be without it.

Callie Grayson said...

Love haggis!
I went to an excellent Burns Supper last week! (see post on my blog) The haggis was actually good. of course, it was better in Scotland. but it was good.


Sausage Fingers said...

Haggis is banned here in the states or just in Utah? Bloody hell no haggis but junk food on every corner.

LarryLilly said...

Saw an article in the NYTimes about Buckfast Tonic Wine.

What say ye?

It sounds like Ripple and Colt 45 with a red bull chaser

Scotsman said...

What happened here? I don't blog for over a week and a post that I thought would get no comments turns out to have more responses than for a long while.

5th Sister: Haggis isn't actually all that bad, there are certainly stranger foods out there but still its better to just sit down and taste it before asking how the little critter got on your plate.

Larry: I am well used to playing it safe. I don't always choose to do so, I sometimes like to life dangerously. But I do like to choose such times wisely, mostly.

As for the Haggis I think it was banned back when the UK had a problem with BSE in cows.

Madame DeFarge: From what I've read the Scottish First Minister has been discussing the issue of the ban with his American counterparts to agree to get it lifted, but from what I can tell no date has been set yet. If it isn't lifted by next year I might just take you up on that offer.

Callie: That actually looked like the real thing. Certainly looked a lot more like it than the crap Utah likes to portray as haggis. I'm jealous that I didn't get to take my wife to such a celebration.

Sausage Fingers: This is one thing I cannot blame the Mormons for, I think.

Larry: Buckfast has quite a story. It was made by Benedictine Monks. It is drunk mostly by 10 - 17 year old neds that want to get "pissed". I've never drank it myself but I hear its sickly sweet. It's like the alcopop of the Victorian Era, before there were alcopops. I think its also called Wreck The Hoose Juice.