Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Suggestions In A Postcard Please

I hate that day before we go do the grocery shopping. I probably hate it more than I am not sort of Gordon Ramsey miracle worker that can see potential in the last of the last unused food that remains behind in the cupboards and fridge before that shopping spree. Dinner is sorted, we have pork, potatoes and some frozen veg so something can be made from that lot.

Lunch though is an issue that my tiny mind can't solve.

In the cupboards there is hot sauce (good - if there is a chance of using it I will). And Pinto Beans, lots of them. Probably more than what you are imagining right now. I'm starting to see why the wife has been called 'Aztec Princess' in the past.

In the fridge we have cheese, cheese and more cheese (thats good I see the potential in cheese). Two onions. Some cabbage, and yet another piece of cabbage. Any other time we buy just one piece of cabbage its gone before we can say tacos, what I wouldn't do to swap one piece of cabbage for something else right now. What else? A Pear.

No eggs. We always have eggs. I've never ate so many eggs in my life until I met the wife. I'm sick of hard boiled, fried, and scrambled eggs. Right now I'd love an egg or two. I could make a cheese omelette, with hot sauce.

So anyway if you are some sort of culinary genius with that combo of ingrediants get your answers in a postcard, nay, the comment box (I'm hungry dammit).


LarryLilly said...

Cabbage bean, cheese, onion, hot sauce roll ups.

Of course you need to get those pinto beans cooked, so unless they are in a can, well, start that early, like at 9am for lunch at 11.

Shread some cheese and set aside.

Steam some large cabbage leaves in a skillet with some water and a cover over the top until soft. Add some dried oregano/basil to the water to impart some flavor to the water.

Mince and sweat 1/2 an onion.

When the beans are cooked take 1/4 cup per serving, and puree them with a couple of tablespoons per serving of the minced onions and pulse puree in a blender.

In a bowl add that to the rest of the minced onions and beans, add hot sauce to taste. Add diced peppers if you have any, habaneros, Anaheims, relleno, jalapenos whatever with a fork masking the mixture well.

Then lay out the cabbage leaves, dust very lightly some bread crumbs on the leaves (for texture), then put some bean/onion/pepper/hot sauce mash on them, add shredded cheese roll up like a tamale pop wrap a damp paper towel around each one or two pop into a microwave for about 15 seconds each (to melt the cheese) and eat.

Dipping sauce is great like cream cheese mixed with hot sauce or if you really want your sinus open some horseradish with ricota/cottage cheese (poor mans ricotta) or onions in a blender.

Add a pint of beer and your all set.

Scotsman said...

Honey! We don't need to cook tonight, Larry is coming over for a beer!

LarryLilly said...

Oh, and the farting will commence in about 30 minutes after.

So make sure your tighty whiteys are pulled on real snug.

Scotsman said...

I'm fine with that, and the wife should be used to it after getting introducing me to her Chilli with 5 types of beans in it.

LarryLilly said...

Saw yours and your wife's post about garage doors ta some school.

Check out this url

Scotsman said...

I can see the religious images doing well in Utah.

LarryLilly said...

Burning pagans at the stake should make great Christmas stocking stuffers.

They have the one with the escalator, one way is fire the other is a white light.


Madame DeFarge said...

can't you just go out for a fish supper instead?

Scotsman said...

Fish supper in Utah? The fish would likely be 3 weeks old.