Friday, 15 February 2008

D'oh! - I feel Like I'm Having A Homer Moment

Finally got round to buying the new Sons & Daughters album today - 4 weeks after it came out. I've been a big Sons & Daughters fan for years ever since I saw them live years ago. in the Glasgow School of Art. They are a band that have a lot of energy in their songs and live performance, not unlike Jack White of the White Stripes or the Raconteurs. It might also help that Adele is probably one of the hottest front women alive right now, up there with Lovefoxx of CSS - and she doesn't even wear strange looking jumpsuits either.

Anyway, I was kind of hoping that this album might push the band into a greater audience that I think their music deserves. I'm not sure its going to do that. A couple of songs are are good but I'm not sure the rest are strong enough. Maybe they just need more of a listen. I have however already played Gilt Complex way too much for one day and am staying playing it even now, when I should be concentrating on finishing of drawing this plan in front of me but no I keep turning round to the computer to hit back one more time.

Homer moment? - there's a couple actually. I'm not a big single buyer, but I should have bought the Gilt Complex single when it was available back in October. Not for that song but for what was on the b-side. On there Sons & Daughters did a cover version of one of my favourite songs of the late 80s / early 90s - Adamski's 'Killer'. I loved that version, I'm sure I would have loved the version as sung by Adele.

I might also have heard Adele singing along to that track had I carried through with the plans I made last year. I had intended then to go to this year's South X South West festival in Austin, Texas, I then cancelled those plans when I decided that a new job was needed and didn't think it would make a good impression to any potential employer if I had plans to go off on holiday for a week in March. Guess what - still no new job, many pointless interviews, still dong the same back breaking work - and to top it all off now I know that Sons & Daughters are going to be at the SXSW. D'oh! Ah well - wasn't to be.

Anyway I'm going to break from tradition - I never put YouTube videos on the blog because it tends to slow down those blogger pages - at least it does to my sloth of a computer - however some times I break even my own rules. This if I share the link right - not guaranteed - should be Sons & Daughters performing Gilt Complex. Now is Adele not Hot? Some guys are boob guys, some guys are leg guys, I apparently seem to be all about the eyes. She definitely has a 60s feel to her in this video and pulls it off rather well I feel.


Mr Farty said...

Ah, so that's what Adele looks like! I've heard her on the steam wireless a lot lately but this is the first time I've seen her. Ain't technology wonderful?

And you're right - nice eyes.

Scotsman said...

Ah don't confuse this Adele from solo artist Adele. It can be confusing when two come along at once like that.

Mr Farty said...


I thought she'd put on a bit of weight at the Brits last night.