Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Read This One At Your Own Risk - I Take No Responsiblity For The Contents of Your Stomach

If you have been reading this for any length of time you will be aware that I am looking for a new career. The problem is I'm a picky bugger. Nothing is really taking my fancy. I'd rather suffer back pain for a little bit longer than push boring, ultimately meaningless, bits of paper.

But suddenly it struck me there is a business opportunity out there for a restaurant called the The Mouth Full marketed at the gay market.

Come on! It''s clever. It's honest. It goes right to the heart of why many men, not just homosexuals, use restaurants. OK so Mary Whitehouse would probably be offended but its not like she would have to eat there if she didn't want to.

Now who just reported this blog for offensive content? I can't blame Mary, she's dead (I think).


Just a Girl said...

Just stay slender of hip and they'll come in in droves.

Scotsman said...

That sounds easy enough. With my back problems I walk a bit funny anyway.

Misssy M said...

I've never pressed that little button but it always strikes me how easy it would be to do it by mistake.

I say a gay restaurant could really work. And you know something, there's a highly amusing and cheerfully offensive blog just waiting to be written on the items on the menu.

You know it.

phoenix said...

Ha ha I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I have a few gay friends who would think that was a great idea as long as they were served by oiled up waiters, dressed in just a dickie bow and a pinnie. come to think of it that may appeal to lots of women as well!

Scotsman said...

Misssy: Ha, I was ahead of you on that idea, until I thought I might be taking it all a little bit too far even for me.

Phoenix: I know - 2 markets - its a winner!