Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bullied At Breakfast

Today did not start well. First of all I woke up with a migraine, which I've had for two days now. It refuses to show me mercy by leaving me alone, even though I have pleaded with it to do so on many separate occasions where I have felt that - "I can't take much more of this!"

After getting out of bed this morning when I convinced myself that the migraine was going to continue with the torture I decided to have some breakfast - which is unusual for me, I'm usually the rise, shower, get-dressed, run-out-of-the-door type of guy.

So having decided I had time for breakfast it was thought simplicity was best because at this point my concentration wasn't exactly at its best, so my hand went into the cereal cupboard. I wasn't much caring what I pulled out, my eyes were firmly focused on that point inside my forehead where the pain was emitting from. I picked up a box and shook it to make sure that there was something in it, poured some of the contents into a bowl before adding some milk.

It was then I realised my mistake. I should have taken more care. As soon as the milk hit the contents of the bowl I heard Snap, Crackle & Pop fight it out over who could be the loudest and be the first to make me throw the bowl to a nearby wall.

You know its not going to be a good day when even your breakfast takes a great deal of pleasure in bullying you. Have a nice day!

#### Off!

I should have chosen the Special K. Which brings me to another point - what does the K stand for? It's probably something stupid that I should know but in all honesty I haven't given it much thought. And why is it so special, it can't be due to its amazing properties of being able to allow you to wear red swimsuits after consumption of a few bowls because if I'm honest, and I usually am, I don't think that would be a good look for me.


Whoops! Almost forgot. Happy New Year!

I know I'm late, but tis my way.


Just a Girl said...

How's the poor head treating you?

Maybe you should cut it off. :)

Scotsman said...

You'd like my head in a basket I can tell. You'd probably like to be the one that operated the guillotine too. Are you sure you aren't French Canadian?

Just a Girl said...

Them there's fightin' words!

Scotsman said...

See! You are just itching to pull that lever.

From now on you will be forever known as just a frenchie girl - at least until I come up with something new. That might not be for a while, I'm distracted somewhat I've got a new toy so you may have to get used to it - frenchie!

Just a Girl said...


You're so no funny. :P