Monday, 18 December 2017


And so 2017 is coming to an end, its been a crap year for many reasons. Its been a year of Donald Trump as President, with perhaps 7 more to go.

It was a diastrous year for Puerto Rico.

A horrible year for many in Venezuela - I know one story of a man who came to London a few weeks ago, struggling to speak English in a foreign land. A proud man who had his own business back home, but because he was in a situation where he had a little when so few others did he was unable to go to work each day and earn for his family with the certainty of coming home at the end of the night, instead had to come find work at Heathrow airport on a low paid job so at least then he would know he would be alive tomorrow and have something to give his loved ones each week.

It was a year that the arrogance and predatory behvaiour of Weinstein and Spacey, and others came to the fore.

Another year of Brexit and its lack of direction from government, and accountability from any sort of opposition. A year of rising prices, and wage stagnation for limited job security for the many.

A year when a man knelt down for a cause, became the symbol of a just movement and yet lost a year's worth of work, and maybe more.

And Cheggars died.

There has been good things that have happened this year too. The long overdue #metoo might well not put an end to predatory behaviour by arrogant men in powerful positions but it might help draw a stronger line in the sand of what is and isn't acceptable. It might make more men consider their mothers, sisters, and daughters before they make any selfish advances.

When sport allows so many to make vasts amount of money on a week by week basis its heartening that a man such as Colin Kaepernick can put his liveliehood at risk by standing up for a cause that he deeply cares about.

Mugabe is no longer leader of Zimbabwe. I have no sure that the next leader will be any better, it might well be more more of the same but here's hoping that a once proud nation can find the strength to kick on and the people prosper once again.

Max Clifford died in Prison. I have no words.

Coco, the might be the end of the year but at last here's a movie I have to see. Anyone else?

Listening to Mau y Ricky, Karol G - Mi Mala Where's mine?

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