Thursday, 11 May 2017

Had I planned this better, had I had some foresight of what I was going to do in Barcelona I might either have taking more pictures here than just the one, or at least straightened this one up and had more foreground. But really I don't really plan my shoots too often, instead I tend to go with the flow and see what I come across.

The reason I took a quick photo of the lawn bowlers in Glasgow was after 9 years away I completely forgot it goes on. In America, all bowling is indoors and involves pins. In London I don't know of any outdoor sites where bowls is played. There may be, but in a city where space is at a premium I certainly haven't seen any. In many towns around the Scotland its a sport played by middle class old ladies, but here in Glasgow judging by the voices of many of the anticipants it seems to be played by the young working class men of the city.
Its certainly not as nerdy as dressing up like Harry Potter and putting a fake broom between your legs that can't fly and playing a game of quidditch - that went on in the same park, I kid you not! Sadly at the time I was too confused at what the hell was going on to take that picture. It was only when I was some distance away that I put it together.

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