Friday, 17 September 2010

Headaches Are Made Of This

It's the good wife's 30th at the end of this month. So I was thinking I should organise a party.

Then I realised I'd never organised a party before.


Nevermind I set forth with my planning.

Should be fairly simply to inform everyone of date, place, etc I thought.

Then I remembered we lived in a canyon with poor cell coverage.

Shit, Again.

Then I realised that every party needs a game. Preferably something frivolous, silly and with little point.


I settled on a mass game of Subbuteo between the invited guests thinking that a knockout game would involve a few laughs but then I remembered that this party is going to consist largely of latinos and latinas, a combustible prospect at the best of times but factor in the fact that the only 2 guests who might enjoy such a game (the father and step father) don't exactly like spending time with one another and its probably not exactly going to be a great success.

This might be the only party I ever arrange.

I should probably just hope that the subbuteo gear doesn't turn up on time. Or that noone gets the invites.

Its probably just as well I wasn't in charge of our wedding.


Madame DeFarge said...

Jelly and ice- cream works best for excitable people. At least it did when I was a child. Good luck.

Caroline said...

Good Luck! And wish her many happy returns from me xx

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure how i got here, but I love the picture of Sugarhouse park. Good memories from the UofU days.