Sunday, 16 November 2008

Just Over Thinking

Maybe it's her face, no makeup at all as she tells me she looks like butt.

Maybe it's her hair, long, radiant and black.

Maybe its the way she feigns hurt when I say she's such a white girl.

Maybe its those wide beautiful brown eyes that look just as good first thing in the morning as they do late at night.

It could be all these things but I think it's her smile.

Or her laugh when I say something stupid.

Maybe it's her smell, the lotion she wears.

Or how my hands smell like her cherry blossom after I couldn't resist touching her soft, soft skin.

Maybe its the way I can just be me and don't need to pretend to be anyone else.

Maybes its the way I love her just as she is and wouldn't want to change a thing.

Maybe its the way that by rights I think she should be out of my league and yet she makes me feel I deserve every minute of her.

You know it could be all these things but I think mostly it’s her smile.

Cause I love to see her smile back at me, when I know she is happy.

Maybe it's her touch, the feel of her hands when she puts her fingers in mine.

Maybe its the way I can forget about the outside world when I'm with her.

Yeth, I think its just the way that something as simple as her laugh can brighten the darkest hour.


somechileanwoman said...

Lucky, lucky girl.

Just a Girl said...

Now that sounds good. :)

G Mac Rosser said...

Touching... xx