Friday, 25 April 2008

A Day Of Experiment

Remember that new camera I bought back in the middle of January? Well now that's it almost the end of April I finally got the chance to use it. And only because my back was killing me so much that I couldn't do any work.

That's not to say I haven't taken any pictures with the camera before now, I have, but mostly just to see if it was working as it should. My main reason for buying the camera was because I wanted a DSLR and it was cheap. The image quality of the sensor is good, on a par with the mid range cameras but feature wise its poor - it doesn't really have any, so it wasn't a camera I would have paid the full initial asking price for. Its not that I need features but I like value for money - just call me McScrooge. What I didn't realise when I bought the camera was that it was in fact two cameras in one. A normal every day colour camera, and, with the simple removal of the dust filter, an infra-red camera. Normally with most digital cameras in the market today if you want to shoot infra-red you have to have the camera altered permanently, at a cost, to shoot in only infra-red.

The Sigma SD14 which I bought, has a removable dust protector that also doubles as an infra-red light blocker that can removed and replaced easily as you so wish. Well of course, I who used to at the age of 3 take radios apart to see how they worked had to check out this happy accidental discovery for myself.
Here are the results.


Just a Girl said...

Tres cool!

Scotsman said...

Hah! I knew you were part French, there had to be a reason you were so keen to disown Celine. Now I have the proof. So it may never stand up in court (they are funny places with stupid rules)but I'm still convinced.

Just a Girl said...

Mais oui. :P

She's practically an American now anyway.