Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My End Of Year A To Z Music List

Ok I realise that last year I tried this that I was somewhat over ambitious in that I didn’t really have a lot of time at this time of year and probably I won’t have much going spare again this year either. So I will name one artist only for each letter, and will do it back to front.

Not everyone is going to enjoy this type of post so what I will do instead of having 26 posts and boring everyone in the process I will edit this 1 post as and when I can so, so come back and check when you have the time.


And So we reach X & Y, which for some reason sounds like a Coldplay album. The problem with choosing a list of bands and artists by letter is its a totally illogical way of doing things. Some letters have way too many choices that make it almost impossible to narrow it down to just one, and other letters, like x and y, are a real struggle to even think of just one. But I've always had an illogical way of doing things and some sick twisted part of me must enjoy making life difficult for myself because I do it often enough. Anyway making a list this way is my way of making sure I don't just rehash the same old names that will make it on to other such lists.

So X, I'll choose X Press 2. Don't though rush out the album counter, I would only choose for two songs myself. Lazy would be my theme song if not for the fact that for a lazy ass I seem to be a contradictory stupid sod in that i'm also a workaholic that has this habit of unable to be able to say the word know. Despite that though i'm sure given the right circumstances I could be quite happy doing nothing for hours on end with Lazy playing somewhere in background. I could also spend too much time listening to Give It too.


Again not much springs to mind here, so my choice would be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. For some reason they remind me of the 4 non blondes from the early 90s, and yet they don't really sound anything alike - my mind works in mysterious ways.


Last year, or maybe it was the year before I forget but it doesn’t matter much, I discovered the music of Camille Dalmais. She is somewhat serious looking in her album cover but her music is fun and experimental and I played both her albums way too much last year. Due to the discovery of Camille I wondered what else France had to offer and so this year I came across Zazie. I loved her new album Totem and so I instantly tried to buy up all the rest of her back catalogue, with little success I may add.

Her voice is quite simply gorgeous, and the beauty of it is you don’t even need to know French to enjoy it. I urge you to check it out on youtube or myspace, I don’t really use either of them myself but I’m sure it must be out there somewhere. If after listening you don’t like her too I can only assume you are a French hater, or have absolutely no taste whatsoever, or both. Not for me sitting on the fence.

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