Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Not Sure Why I Did It But I Entered My First Photography Competition....

A couple of months ago I came across a photography club that has monthly competitions and I basically just started off looking out of sheer unadulterated nosiness but for some reason when this months theme was to be 'Urban' I found myself thinking 'I can do that!' Of course after I submitted my image I started immediately having doubts about my sanity, I felt for sure that the other photographers were going to pick it apart with faults in technique and execution etc, etc.

However I've been pleasantly surprised so far in that I've only had positive comments I even had one person say "I like this shot a lot, you have captured an urban scene so well, the colouring good,a clear sharp picture that should without doubt be the outright winner of this months comp." After I recovered and was able to take the glekit look off my face and stop saying things like 'Huh, what, are you sure you are talking about my picture???" I then had a look at the pictures of my fellow competitors which up until then I didn't really want to do because I didn't want to compare my picture with theirs. Having done that I realised that he probably said that to everyone, because there was no way that my image was the best but for a brief moment I had hope, which was nice. Strangely though I didn't enter to win, I was quite happy not being the worst photographer out there and thankfully although I'm not the most talented I don't seem to be the worst either.

Where I did let myself down was the title, this is a part the other photographers seem to take very seriously. I originally wanted to name my image 'Take a seat, people!' but I changed it at the last minute because I wasn't sure if the title had to have the word 'urban' in it. Which of course it didn't. Bummer!

Anyway I think I might try again next month. The Theme for the month is 'Cool'

I was originally going to enter this picture with the title 'Cool! Ducks! Dad!'

But I decided against doing so because I didn't think the boy was young enough or the image close enough. Besides I noticed one of the other photographers has a very photogenic daughter of about 7 years of age, the kind of beautiful little girl that makes you think that being a parent must be great when you get them past the crying, shitting and teething stage'. I don't even like other peoples kids, normally I can take so much and then I want them to take them back but this little girl has these sweet innocent facial expressions so with no kids of my own I decided I can't compete with that and decided to take another direction.

So this is the image I've decided on (I think, it might well change again), I did consider cool summers day as the title but it seems a bit naff so I need a new title - and that's where you come in.


phoenix said...

Cool Waters?
I don't know, titles are not my thing either (my last post was titled Ho Hum so take from that what you will)
Great picture though,looked through your others and there's some really lovely scenes in there.Good luck

Just a Girl said...

Good for you.

I am crap with titles. In my head I am for wit but usually its just flat. I am even nerdy enough that I just used the thesaurus to inspire me and, well, nothing.

A Cooler Vista?

Cat said...

Hello, I arrived here via Pheonix - I like. So much so that I've linked you from my sidebar, you lucky thing!

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Well, titles are not my best.
Did you say that it isn't necessary to put the theme in the title? So I'd put "Water World".

I don't know if my monitor at the office is sort of changing the colors, but your picture seems to be brighter than it should be. Maybe you could balance it before posting it. The colors will be more 'alive' and that's ok to do.

I meant, photographers do that when their shots get over exposured.

BTW, could you give me the link of this club? I'd like to participate too... just for fun! :P

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Hey, I forgot to say... I like your shot. Nice framing and composition. Beautiful subject.
See ya!