Sunday, 21 January 2007

Too Lazy For A Title

So much has happened in the world while I've been working away from home. So many events that I feel I could comment on....
For example...
  • The Doomsday clock moving forward .. eh, people are eejits maybe its about time they blew themselves up and just got it over with already.
  • David Beckham signing for LA Galaxy on a 5 year $128 million contract. Yes thats right I said $128 million, despite the fact that he's in the twilight of his career and hasn't played at the top of his game for years. The world is full of eejits I tell you. America could probably get a hospital wing for that type of money, one that could treat people with more money than sense. Or failing that if the money had to be spent trying to encourage Americans to like soccer then it could have been used to buy a player (or two, or even three) on someone younger and who still has the talent and hunger to give some sort of return for the investment, and if the experiment of trying to buy soccer an American audience failed they could then be sold at a later date and some of the investment could have been recovered.
  • Scotland's national team losing a football manager to club football just as respectability was being won back after a few good results, and the French coach accusing the ex Scotland manager of putting "bank account before country". He might have a point but I couldn't possibly comment as in the space of a few weeks I went from enjoying Scotland being at the top of the tough qualifying group (don't get me wrong that wasn't going to last forever but it was nice to finally have a coach that understood the Scotland players' abilities and limitations and who was able to utilise that to some effect) and Celtic my club team having a 17 point lead over Rangers (for those that don't know - they are rivals) - to Scotland losing the manger to Rangers. Life was good - its about to change. Yes Scotland are still sitting on the top of the group but they haven't played anyone lately, and Celtic do still have the 17 point lead but this years championship was all but won, call me greedy but I was looking forward to having a nice lead next year too. Now it looks like there might actually be a challenger - geez!
  • Racism on the UK (Z-class) Celebrity Big Brother. You know what - I just don't give a damn, I don't watch it and I don't intend to. If anyone measures the state of racism in Britain by the over hyped Big Brother then they need their head examined. Racism should be measured by the way the British government has dealt with asylum seekers in recent years and the way it has handled the war on terrorism. That is a bigger story and its not pretty.
I feel I could write about all those events and many others that I haven't mentioned but I cannae be bothered, so I won't. Instead, since it looks like after the accident I had at the weekend that I won't be buying a Dslr anytime soon, I thought I would just share some of the past photos, some from Scotland and some from New Zealand. Yes thats right, I'm feeling creatively lazy tonight.

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