Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Feeling A Little Melancholic

The day I fell in love I wanted to give the world, the moon, the sun, the sky, the sea. Give the gift of flight. I didn't need to be a hero to no one, but I did want to protect my love from dawn to dusk. Then when it all turned sour I realised I needed all that as much for me as for my love. Without the one I love being my focus I grew weak, lost my strength and became directionless. With love I was powerful, exceptional, without - ordinary, and weak, rudderless  - all my apparent strengths swept away in one wave. Missing half of my being, my strength, my shelter, my compass, hours pass and tick away and I am not whole. All I thought I wanted to give away, I wasn't giving any more than my love had already given me just by being the map that showed me the way. Love it makes us strong, it makes us weak, it makes us selfless, it makes us needy, complete and so damn complicated.

Listening to: Franklin - Lullaby

Thursday, 9 April 2015

As you can imagine getting the opportunity to visit Peru & Chile was something that I will cherish for well until I get Alzheimer's and the events of those two and half weeks get lost in forgotten memory banks. It was special for so many reasons, getting to reconcile with the wife was number one of course. Number two reason was because I have long harboured dreams of visiting South America going back to my early childhood when I visited a museum exhibition in Glasgow on the Americas. I've always been a history geek since the days I could read books and imagine what the past was like through the power of someone else's words. I developed an interest in Latin and South American history, less so the 500 native tribes of North America, I was more interested in The Aztez, Mayan and Incan history and culture. So with that interest of course I've always harboured dreams of visiting Machu Picchu, probably without any real hope of actually doing so.

So to visit Peru and to take in the sight of Machu Picchu first hand was something I can't possibly describe. It was in so many ways the perfect trip filled with experiences that will long live in the memory. We got to take in one of the world's greatest sights, experience some amazing food, and well to be honest some bad food too. Maybe just one regret though - that time, and money didn't give us the opportunity to take in the music of Peru and Chile like I would have liked. I really thought we would have had the opportunity to enjoy some cumbia music in Peru but we spent so much time travelling during the day that we probably didn't make the most of the Cusco scene where there would have been more opportunity to do so. Had we arrived in Chile the previous week, or been able to stay for a few extra days we would have had the opportunity to enjoy Banda Conmocion, a band that both the wife and I would love to see live. In truth there is so many good bands in Chile that I would have loved to have seen – Illapu, Sol y lluvia, Americo to name but a few. But oh well, when you go on a trip that leaves you exhausted and stimulated to the point you don't have the energy for everything you wanted to do then that's a freaking good trip. 1 trip, 2 countries, 8 flights, 18 days, countless experiences, few regrets, 1 reconciliation, unmeasurable miles walked (a few more than was necessary thanks iphone gps), a lot to live up to when we do Scotland in 6 months or so.