Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Life it gives, it takes, and it can make fools of us all. Its all a lesson, the ups, the downs, a rollercoaster where you cannot predict the twists and turns but when you are lucky you have someone sitting there right there next to you, holding on for the ride. The path of life has no clear set of directions, no one can produce a map, no guidebook exists, the destination is unclear until it unfolds before us. The joy, the pain, the warmth, the cold, moments of happiness, sadness, confidence, fear, are all temporary, none of it is predestined. Life just happens. Its not out there to get us. Its not out there to give us something good, or something bad, its not out there to reward us for being good people, or to test us because we have the strength to cope with the challenge. Life is water, its air, its the power of the sun. If it came in a bottle, it wouldn't come with a direction sheet but it would come with a warning, a list of possible side effects – contents inside will cause rippling. The truth is I don't know all that much about life, I certainly don't have all the answers, mistakes - I've made a few, I'm just trying to learn to make fewer, but I know the biggest mistake I made was not fighting harder to keep you in it. Life was good before I met you, but it was greater with you in it. Loving you made a better man of me. Not a perfect man, not one with all the answers but nonetheless a better man. The highs were higher, lows still existed but hey thats life. Afterwards though when we let what we had slip away, a numbness took hold. Where life was good before you existed, in your absense there was an emptiness, a hole not so easily filled. I've made plenty of mistakes in this thing called life, no doubt I'll make a few more, but the biggest mistake will always be allowing us both to walk away from each other, allowing that garden to wither, the hope, the dreams, the strength that came in the package of the two of us was so much more important than the challenges that we faced.

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