Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fruitful Experiences!

Sometimes in life, life throws you lemons and something great turns sour but just occasionally you get a second chance to make lemonade from it. It may well come with a bittersweet aftertaste when just after 2 weeks its over but for that time it does taste delicious.

Despite the word imagery when the wife and I reunited in Peru and Chile for 18 days we did not make or have any lemonade, but we did experience some pretty amazing fruit juice, and a lot more besides.

Although we may forever stay away from Papaya! And the Cuy! And the Peruvan Cheese - it doesn't go on pizza! Don't do it people!


Someone Said said...

Is the blending just temporary or indefinitely positive?

Scotsman said...

Temporary for now, living in two countries as we do makes it indefinitely complicated. We just checked out Santiago, Chile as a solution to that, in six months we get to check out Scotland. We may even check out Spain after that, see it complicated, at least we seemed to have settled on the letter S for settling down.